Your Checklist To Booking The Ultimate Spa Break

Spa breaks are all about relaxation and recuperation, but before you get to the enjoyable part, the booking process has the potential to be a stressful business! With so many choices and types of spa break now available in the UK, how do you go about booking the best outing for you and your group?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some essential steps which can help you find exactly the right spa break for you whether you are travelling alone or with your friends and family.

1. Decide On Your Location

One way to begin narrowing down the high number of spa options is to decide on your area or wider geographical region. If you are going alone or as a couple, do you want pinpoint somewhere within an hour’s drive, or is your aim to get as far away from home as you can? Similarly, if you are booking for a group, are people coming from a variety of different places? If so, an area which is as close to equidistant as possible can make the most sense. So, try to select a region, a city, or a county, to give yourself a starting point. 

2. Choose A Package Type 

Once you know which area you are looking in, you can begin to determine the type of spa visit you want to book. Are you looking for a multiple day spa break, or are you arranging a single spa day which doesn’t require overnight accommodation? Spa breaks are typically offered in packages, and determining how long you want to stay at a spa will help you decide which kind of package is best for you.

3. Extra Activities

If you are planning a group day out with the intention of combining a spa day and another activity, check if you can kill two birds with one stone. You can find several spa resorts which offer other leisure activities on the same premises or nearby. Golf breaks can make for a fun, but not overtaxing activity to combine with a spa day, for couples and groups. 

4. Read Reviews

In the age of the internet, we have access to a range of user-generated content, and one of the most useful types is reviews. Take a few minutes to search for some customer reviews of the spa you are considering. Can you see overwhelmingly positive responses, or is the consensus markedly mixed? If a complaint has been voiced by several guests, it is worth paying attention to. 

5. Get Booking! 

Once you are ready to book, ensure you are able to do so through a platform with safe and secure payment processes. It is normal for an accredited booking site to request a small deposit when making large group reservations. Find out more information on typical booking steps, here.

Once you have made your booking, you can take a deep breath and look forward to your ultimate spa break. Get in touch with us at Spa & Hotel Break to start the booking process, today.


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