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5 Great Value Spa Break Destinations

 Spa breaks are great. Whether you’re a spa retreat veteran, or you’ve yet to experience a spa trip, the pampering, relaxing and reinvigorating experience offered by quality spa retreats is not to be missed. No matter where you are in the UK, you’re sure to find an excellent spa retreat or hotel relatively nearby. Maybe you’re not interested in staying nearby though, perhaps you’re looking at going to a further away destination? Why not incorporate a walking holiday or a city break with a spa trip for a day or two? No matter where you’re going on holiday, you want to relax, and that’s where a spa trip can really help out. Continue reading 5 Great Value Spa Break Destinations

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How a Great Spa Trip Can Really Make a Holiday or City Break

A city break is often the perfect balance between a shopping trip, a sight-seeing visit and a normal holiday, a few days in an unknown city can be a great way to spend your time, checking local culture, restaurants, sights and nightlife, seeing exactly what the city has to offer. Cities can be beautiful, ancient, inspiring and historic spaces, rich in culture and cuisine, and they can provide a really spectacular short holiday. Continue reading How a Great Spa Trip Can Really Make a Holiday or City Break

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Planning Your Spa Break in Kent

Spa breaks are great. Relaxing, reinvigorating and restoring. A chance to really centre yourself, relax, enjoy fantastic treatments and activities, all while checking a new city or area. There’s really very little else that compares when it comes to relaxation, a great spa break is a complete package. Too often stress, pressure and work dominate our lives, spa breaks can be the antidote. Continue reading Planning Your Spa Break in Kent

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