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Top 7 Most Common Massage Techniques

One of the most popular treatments at a spa break is a relaxing massage. Ideal for removing knots and tension, having a massage performed by a professional massage therapist will leave you feeling less restricted than before. So, what are the most common massage techniques used by these experts to give your muscles the break they deserve?


This massage technique can be performed in a number of ways and is known as kneading; palm kneading and thumb kneading. Depending on the purpose of the massage, will alter the amount of pressure used. As the pressure is applied irregularly, the rate of movement and rhythm is important. 

relaxing massage

Compression Massage

The compression massage creates a deep hyperaemia and softens the tissues. Usually used as a warmup for more specific massage work, such as sports massage, this technique tends to be done rhythmically.

 Myofascial Releases

This manual technique works by stretching the fascia in order to help balance the body. Located between the underlying structure of bone and muscle and the skin, it’s a vital part of the body that can be restricted as a result of injuries, stress, poor posture and trauma. Therefore, the myofascial release technique works to relieve any restrictions and restore the tissue.

Trigger Point Therapy

This therapy involves applying pressure to tender muscle tissue, resulting in pain relief. Well-suited to people with injuries, a specific condition or chronic pain, by focusing on trigger points, pain can be reduced. The trigger points that are targeted, are active areas of muscular hyperactivity. The knots you can feel in your back that make your back feel stiff are trigger points.

Longitudinal Gliding

Despite this massage technique being basic, it’s an effective technique that is performed in the direction of blood flow. Longitudinal gliding helps the fluid dispersion from an injury, which ultimately helps to reduce inflammation. It can also be beneficial for helping to relax tight muscles.

Swedish Massage

For a Swedish massage, there is a sequence of movements performed, starting with gliding, long strokes with the palms, fingertips and thumbs across the back. This is followed by kneading, by using fingers, thumbs and hands and circular pressures with the palms, thumbs and fingers. From here, oscillatory movements are used to vibrate the body, followed by brisk tapping and lastly bending and stretching.

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Ideal for those with tension and muscle pain, a hot stone massage is like a Swedish massage. The only difference is that the massage therapists use heated stones instead of their hands. As well as easing muscle tension, a hot stone massage also improves blood flow and alleviates pain. The heated stones are placed on different areas on your body and the massage therapist will apply gentle pressure to them. In some cases, cold stones are used.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of massage techniques used to relieve pain and tension, and these are only a few! Book your spa break and treat your body to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, today.


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Making The Most Of Your Spa Break

You’ve finally booked your spa break, taken time off work and began planning your relaxing getaway. But, with this being a rare opportunity to go away, it’s imperative that you make the most of your spa break, to allow you as much time as possible to relax, rejuvenate and deservedly put your feet up. So, how do you make the most of your spa break, let’s look, below.

Eat Healthy Beforehand

The last thing you want to feel during your spa break is gassy and bloated, which is why it’s recommended that you eat healthy beforehand. From light breakfasts, drinking smoothies, juices and swapping out unhealthy snacks with fruit and vegetables, you can feel fresh and ready to enjoy the full spa break experience in just a few simple steps. You want to be in the balance of not feeling hungry, but not feeling too full in order to get the most out of your relaxing getaway.

spa break

Clear & Organise Your Schedule

Due to the deep, luxurious relaxation your spa break experience will put you in, you won’t want to do anything in the following days after your getaway. Therefore, reschedule anything stressful and clear your diary, so you don’t have to face anything difficult when you return, making the most out of your spa break. Many spa-goers tend to go back to work or to a social event straight after a spa day or break, which can ruin the tranquil and calm feeling you have from your spa treatments.

Choose A Hotel Spa

If you are choosing between a spa day and spa break, opt for the latter, as it allows you to continue to relax when you go back to your hotel room. Whether you choose to stay in the countryside or a city, choosing a luxurious hotel that you can make full use of. A hotel spa is ideal as it includes all the facilities you want, all in one place! You don’t have to make the effort to dress up, so you can simply enjoy relaxing and spending quality time on your own or with your friends/partner.


Be Pampered All Day

Whether you are going on a spa break or spa day, be pampered all day by adding some relaxing activities before and after treatment. Start the day with a yoga class, have wine and chocolate in your hotel room or house afterwards, watch a film or treat yourself to a healthy breakfast.

Choose The Order Of Treatment

If you are having more than one treatment, it’s important to think about the order. Although the spa team at your chosen spa and hotel will be able to help you to plan your relaxing day, it’s best to have something soothing like a massage and facial last, after a body wrap and manicure or pedicure.

Hopefully these top tips will enable you to make the most of your spa break and truly immerse yourself in complete tranquillity. To find a spa hotel, get in touch with our team or browse our many spa break locations.

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