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What is The Average Cost of a Spa Day?

Of all the information you gather to plan and book your next spa break, price is one of the leading factors of your decision making. After all, everyone wants good value for money. For some, the higher the price suggests more luxury and people are willing to pay big money if it means luxury. The latter is particularly the case for package types designed for special occasions.

The average cost of a spa day all depends on what you want, where you go, and what you do. There is also package spa deals that will vary in price but may include some interesting activities. Consequently, spa breaks can range anywhere from £30 to thousands of pounds.

We have a brilliant team who have comprehensive knowledge at their fingertips to find a spa break that suits you and your budget, and to help you get the best value for your money.

Choose the Right Spa Break Package

We advertise and sell many different types of spa break packages. The average cost of a spa day will depend on which type you choose. Please look through our numerous package options to find the perfect spa breaks for yourself and a loved one, or even a group booking away with friends. Spa breaks are far more enjoyable when you’ve grabbed yourself an unbeatable spa deal.

The most affordable way to enjoy a spa break would be a simple day trip to enjoy a relaxing treatment. The average cost of a spa day is lower this way but doesn’t compromise you taking time out for some relaxation.

If you’ve got a little more money to spend, it’s well worth booking an overnight stay in one of our spas so you can enjoy the surrounding areas of spa breaks. Leisure destinations can be perfect for groups of friends, especially where everyone has a different budget, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to some quality time by yourself or with a friend without spending a fortune.

For the ultimate luxury for yourself or time away with a loved one, our 1-night spa breaks and two-night spa break offers luxury hotels with inclusive spa treatments to take you to a place of ultimate relaxation. Enjoy your inclusive meals in the hotel’s restaurant or treat yourself to some room service, so you don’t have to move from the comfort and warmth of your hotel room.

Our breaks for three and group spa breaks that are also ideal for hen parties will take the average cost of a spa day up, but these specific options point you in the direction of our best venues for an odd number of people and larger groups so no one in the group gets left on their own.

How to Choose Right Spa Break to Lower the Average Cost of a Spa Day?

To really get the most out of a spa day or break, it’s important to think about what you want from it and that way your budget can be targeted towards a package that’s geared towards the things that are important to you.

Spa treatments do add to the cost of a spa break but it’s all part of the experience and well worth investing in. If you can, we suggest booking a spa therapy for at least an hour to make the most of it.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend opting for a spa package that includes something to eat (whether it’s afternoon tea, lunch, or dinner), a spa treatment and use of facilities. To find the best experience for you, your budget, and your location, speak to our team and they will be able to recommend the right spa experience for you.

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Picking the Best Spa Treatments

As you pack your bag and get ready to head off to the spa for a well needed day of relaxation and pampering, make the most of your trip by picking out the best spa treatments. With a whole range of different treatments available, many included as part of our spa deals, embrace the benefits by picking out the best spa treatments for your personal needs. We’ve pulled together a list of the most popular treatments to help you pick out the most appealing, leaving you to get ready for a bit of TLC.


Being one of the best spa treatments for those looking to detoxify the skin and maintain a youthful glow, a regular facial treatment can work wonders for the condition of the skin. The process of a deep cleanse and thorough exfoliation not only removes old cells for a softer complexion, but can reduce blemishes and breakouts for a rejuvenated finish.


 A massage is hands down the most popular choice at spa days, being a treatment that is well-loved by adults of all ages. By tackling any signs of tension in the body to reduce pain and maintain circulation, the health benefits make a regular massage a must for many spa visitors. As well as the physical results, a message is one of the best spa treatments for relaxing, reducing stress and removing tension so you can leave feeling renewed and revitalised.

Manicures and pedicures

If you’re looking to leave the spa with a new look for your hands or toes, choose an aesthetic that will leave you feeling like a million dollars. By exfoliating and moisturising your hands or feet for a smooth finish and giving your nails the tidying up they need for a fresh colour, create visible results that you and your loved ones can admire. Especially if you have upcoming events, such as a holiday or party, show off your hands or toes in your favourite colour.

Mud masks

Having grown in popularity over recent years, mud treatments offer some light-hearted fun whilst providing great benefits for the skin. After being applied to the body, whether this be on its own or in a wrap, you can simply lay back and relax as the powerful natural ingredients sink in and do their thing. The moisturising characteristics will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and supple so you can go home feeling better than ever.

Medical treatments

For those suffering with ongoing medical condition, whether that be a chronic pain condition or a severe skin condition, booking the best spa treatments at specialist locations can make the world of difference. Although not available at more general spas, there are various treatments available by trained professionals which can target your personal needs for maximum results, helping you enjoy some relief or improvements.

Unique Ideas for Local Weekends Away in 2022

With the January blues in full swing, there is no better time to get planning fun weekends away in 2022 to look forward to, getting the countdown in full force so you can build up that excitement. Many of us are still a bit hesitant to book ahead with the uncertainty around Covid 19 still upon us, which is why we have pulled together plenty of fun places to visit in the UK so you can enjoy a staycation without the added stress. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a weekend with the girls or a fun family trip, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite ideas for weekends away in 2022 so you can try out something new and unusual this year.

A stargazing pod under the night sky

Nothing says relaxation quite like laying in bed and looking up at the clear sky, admiring the star formation and the brightness of the moon above you. There are a range of stargazing pods across the country which are available to hire for the night, being the perfect way to switch things up so you can create lifelong memories within your local area. Being situated in the countryside, enjoy the clarity of the sky without the light pollution and enjoy your weekend immersed in the stunning surroundings for the ultimate getaway from the stresses of everyday life.

A spa weekend full of pampering

Everyone deserves a bit of TLC so book yourself in for a well earnt spa break to give your body the chance to fully relax and unwind. There are a huge range of great spa deals available which include accommodation, full use of the spa facilities, a delicious dinner, breakfast the next morning and even a range of spa treatments to choose from. With everything included in the price, eradicate the stress of planning as you head off for a relaxing getaway and give yourself the time you need to immerse yourself into the serenity of the spa – an unmatched feeling!

A clifftop home with unbeatable views

Especially for those who are used to city living, there’s nothing quite like seaside weekends away in 2022. We’ve seen a number of different homes available to rent for the night which are situated right on the edge of stunning clifftops, offering panoramic views over the ocean from up above. Being ideal for a romantic getaway, enjoy the relaxing views from the bedroom, bathtub or dining area so you can watch the waves and clear your mind.

Be at one with nature from a glamping pod

If camping is not for you, don’t write off a weekend in the countryside and get to grips with the stunning surroundings from the comfort of a glamping pod. Whether you opt for an authentic yurt or pick a cosy log cabin, enjoy your home comforts while being surrounded by stunning woodland under a clear night sky. With glamping growing in popularity, there are no shortage of weekends away in 2022 available so find local gems which will allow you to see your favourite spots from a whole new perspective.