Why Overnight Spa Breaks For Couples Are Beneficial

Whether it’s a special occasion for you and your loved one or you simply just want a weekend away to spend time together, a spa break is ideal. Not only does it come with multiple benefits for you as an individual, but it is incredibly worthwhile for couples too. With some spas even having treatments specific for couples, it is the perfect way to be close with your other half and enjoy their company.

Couple’s Massages 

If you opt for a spa hotel that includes treatments for you to enjoy with your better half, then you should make the most of it. One of the most popular treatments that you can have with your partner is a couple’s massage.

This involves you both having a massage next to one another in the same room, which allows you to relax, de-stress and breath in the calm atmosphere together. All the knots in your back will be removed and any muscle tension relieved. You will both walk away from the massage feeling incredibly relaxed, which is hugely beneficial for relationships.

Spend Time Together

Even if you don’t have many or even any of the spa treatments, the weekend is a great opportunity to spend quality time together. The food available at spa hotels is always beautifully delicious so you can treat each other to a luxurious meal. Dining is the best time to enjoy a romantic experience, as you indulge in delightful food, whilst sipping on aromatherapy prosecco and appreciating each other in the light of a dainty candle.

Spa packages usually include meals, so you can wake up to a perfectly cooked breakfast and start your day the right way together.

Motivate Each Other

You may have been working on a diet or may simply enjoy working out in the gym. By going away for a weekend together to a spa hotel, you can motivate one another as you train in the gym or in the pool. Working out with your partner not only helps to keep you motivated, but it allows you to discover which areas you need to improve on.

Whilst you are on a spa break, there may be the opportunity to partake in a class together; Zumba, kickboxing or spin. Not only does this help you to maintain fitness, but also work with your partner.

You Can Reconnect

It’s always a good idea to step away from your busy lifestyle and spend time together somewhere peaceful and relaxing. By choosing an overnight spa break, you can remove yourselves from your hectic schedules for just that little bit longer, which can be ideal for some relationships.

When you have been with someone for a long period of time, you need to make time for each other, in order to keep the spark and excitement in the relationship. Spa breaks are the perfect way to do this, as they enable you to do whatever you want and not rush from one thing to another. For more information about spa breaks, get in touch, today. 

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The Best Treatments To Opt For On Your Spa Break

Spa breaks offer an array of relaxing treatments, so there is something for everyone. With spa breaks usually only lasting a long weekend, it can be difficult to know which spa treatments to opt for in the short space of time you are there for. Therefore, we have compiled a guide of the best treatments to opt for on your spa break, so you can make the most of your time away and truly benefit from the calming atmosphere.


Everyone gets stressed, whether it’s from work or your day to day life it’s so hectic. Therefore, every now and then you should opt for a massage, so you can de-stress!

Indian Head Massage

Treatments vary on the spa, as some offer more treatments than others. So, when you book your spa break, enquire about the treatments first.

The Indian Head Massage is based on Ayuvedic healing and is perfect if you want a treatment that will provide both relaxation and revitalisation. We all suffer from stress and know too well that it can cause aching in our tissues, joints and muscles around our body. If you opt for the Indian Head Massage, all the tension you are feeling across your body will be released.

When you undergo the treatment, you will sit in a chair whilst the therapist applies pressure to the scalp, neck, shoulder and even the face on occasions. If you suffer from headaches and insomnia from the stress; this is the perfect treatment for you.

Hot Stone Massage

Another relaxing treatment, which is ideal if you’re suffering from stress, is a Hot Stone Massage. Despite the thought of hot stones being placed on your body may not sound appealing, it is perfectly safe and worthwhile. The stones are all various different sizes and hot stone massage are placed on a number of your muscles.

Although the technique can vary between each therapist, usually they will warm your body up first by using traditional massage techniques. Once the muscles are warmed up, they will then add the hot stones in. This type of massage is incredibly beneficial, as it allows the therapist to release tension from muscles on a deeper level.

Acupressure Massage

This treatment also benefits those who suffer from stress. The pressure on the particular points of the body is gentle yet firm, and therapists use their fingertips to boost energy flow and even help healing. Acupressure Massages are perfect if you want to relax and de-stress both your mind and your body and encourage healing.

Face Treatments

Face treatments leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and there are so many types to choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Hydrating Facials

Sometimes our skin can lack moisture, especially during the winter months, which is why hydrating facials can be a very popular choice during a spa break. Lotions including collagen are usually used to remove flaky, dry patches of skin and even improve the appearance of the skin to make it look more youthful.

  • Rejuvenating Facials

Everyone dreams of maintaining their youthful appearance, which is why many opt for the rejuvenating facial. They work by promoting collagen production and the growth of new skin cells. Depending on the therapist, some may use an electric exfoliating brush, which is completely pain-free, to remove any dead skin cells.

Nail Treatments

During your spa break, you might as well enjoy a nail treatment!


You use your hands every day, which is why you should take the opportunity of a spa break to get a manicure and treat your fingers, hands and nails.

During a manicure, the nail technician will clean your nails and remove any old nail varnish so your nails can return to their natural colour. You will then place your hands in a bowl of hand massage hot water for them to soak for about 10 minutes. Whilst one of your hands is in soak, usually, the beautician will start pushing the cuticles back on the other hand, so they can cut any old skin away. Once they have done this to both hands, they will use nail clippers to cut the softened cuticles away.

The nail technician will then shape the nails to the shape you prefer, followed by a shorthand massage to circulate the blood, which will leave your hands feeling smooth and moisturised. You then get to choose a colour for your nails, which the nail technician will apply with the utmost accuracy and precision.

This is just a taster of the types of treatments you can receive during your spa break. Of course, treatments vary on the spa, as some offer more treatments than others. So, when you book your spa break, enquire about the treatments first. If you want to book a spa break so you can enjoy one of these many treatments, get in touch with us, today.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Spa Break?

Instead of spending a fortune a week or two away abroad, this year you may be looking to cut back on spending and stay in the UK for your holiday. Alternatively, you may be thinking of having a relaxing getaway with either your friends or other half in the UK countryside, to get away from all the bustle of everyday life. Regardless of what your reason is, we have compiled the benefits of a spa break, so you can decide whether a spa break is for you.

Relieves Stress

Although it may seem obvious, spa breaks are fantastic for relieving stress. With hundreds, if not thousands of working adults being affected by stress on a daily basis, a spa break is a great way to relieve that stress.

Stress can build up, if not dealt with, and can lead to much bigger problems, including mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, which can cause real difficulty to individuals every day of their life. That is why it’s important that you care for yourself and relieve any stress that you have as regularly as possible. A spa break takes you to the ultimate escape of relaxation. Not only can stress cause mental illnesses, but it can have impacts on your physical health too.

Improves Sleep

If you find it difficult to get to sleep at night, you may be interested to know that it could be to do with the amount of stress that you are experiencing. This lack of sleep can leave you feeling incredibly tired, which can have an impact on your work and daily activities. A weekend away at a spa break can leave you feeling rejuvenated and less uptight, which will ultimately help you to fall asleep better, but also feel more awake during the day.

Perfect Detox Opportunity

A spa break is the perfect opportunity for a full body detox. The food and drink provided are designed specially to help you feel healthier and refreshed, as opposed to bloated anddetox fruit drink tired. Typically, you will find natural juices and bright salads at the spas and hotels, which will help you to avoid any foods full of high calories or sugars. 

Healthy Looking Skin

We all want flawless, younger looking skin, so what if we told you that with a spa break it’s possible? Bad skin, including acne and rashes are usually caused by stress from work and family life. So, by going to a spa break you can enjoy relaxing treatments that will allow you to relax and forget all your worries. Additionally, by using cucumber masks and high-quality creams, you can have the smooth skin you have always wanted.

Cost-Effective Getaway

Due to spa breaks and getaways costing a lot less than a week away abroad, you can go away a number of weekends a year, without even coming close to what you would spend on an extravagant holiday. Additionally, with these hotels and spas being located in the UK, you don’t have to spend a fortune on flights, travel insurance or even food and drinks overseas.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to going away on a spa break. For more information about how they can improve your health or if you would like to know more about the spa breaks we have available, get in touch, today.

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