Been Hitting the Gym Lately? Spa Breaks Can Help You Recover and Keep at It

  While summers almost at an end, sadly, and those beach holidays aren’t going to come around again for another year, there’s still plenty of reason to spend time getting in shape. Whether it’s for health, a skiing holiday come winter, hiking, marathons, or just aesthetics, hitting the gym and getting into shape is always going to be a worthwhile endeavour.

However, spending time in the gym frequently is draining, and if you’re paying enough attention to eating or sleeping right, it can downright wear you out. That’s why beyond taking time to recover, you should consider trying out a spa weekend.

A weekend spent in beautiful location, receiving powerful, beautifying treatments, eating right and doing a little light, flexibility exercise can recharge you and get you ready to hit those weights, the track or the bike once again. Here’s why a spa trip is ideal if you’re training.

Help Deal with Injuries

 If you’ve sustained any injuries from training too hard, it can be difficult resisting the urge to jump straight back in too soon. A spa weekend can help pull you away from all that training, all while providing wonderful, muscle restoring treatments like massage and sauna. That, combined with diet and sleep, can be just the ticket when it comes to restoring some overworked tendons, or tired hamstrings. Sometimes, all your body really needs is a chance to relax and fix itself, without you attempting to push it further and further. Note; if you’ve got a serious injury, like a broken arm, a spa trip is not the solution. It’s hospital time for you, I’m afraid.

Recharge and Grow

 When it comes to building muscle and fitness, one of the most crucial parts of the whole experience is the recovery. Your time spent eating properly and sleeping is almost as crucial to building muscle, strength and speed as working out is. That’s why a weekend spent relaxing, eating well and chilling out is perfect for those looking to get toned, muscular or slim.

Without time away from your training, you’re not giving your body a chance to recover, and without significant chance to recover and grow new muscle, you can’t expect to get any stronger and faster, which can be deeply disheartening in the long run. If you want to keep seeing improvement, and stay on track, bizarrely, one of the best ways is to step back, come away and relax.

Return to Exercise with Renewed Vigour

 One of the best things for any sportsperson, athlete or hobbyist is the feeling of stepping away, recovering, and enjoying the positive energy explosion their body’s used to spending on exercise. That energy boom can distribute itself around the body, and restore flexibility, build new muscle, and allow you to enjoy yourself.

A few days of yoga, meditation and beauty treatments will give you the calmness and Zen mind state to return to your home life and routine freshly motivated and charged, ready to continue your hectic gym schedule, and keep hitting those targets.

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