Themed Night Breaks at Spa Hotel in UK

If you want to combine your spa break with entertainment, then it’s time you tried themed night breaks in any of the leading spa hotels in the UK. These one-night packages may be just what you need to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, even for just one weekend. You’ll come back feeling relaxed and amused.

Mystery Dinner + Spa Break

A package like this entitles you to a beauty or health treatment, a 3-course dinner meal, one night accommodation, and a Murder Mystery Show. You can also use the hotel’s spa and fitness facilities. During the mystery dinner, you and other diners are invited to help solve the ‘mystery’ as you enjoy your 3-course meal and watch the play folding out. In some mystery dinners, the actors mix in with the diners—often improvising dialogue and creating an immersive atmosphere.

Tribute Night + Spa Treatments

Do you love great music? Many spa hotels around the UK offer tribute packages, which typically include dinner (buffet or 3-course) plus a tribute act, as well as full use of the hotel’s fitness and leisure facilities for a day. From Bon Jovi to Michael Buble to Abba, there’s a tribute nigh for every musical taste and genre. Check the spa break agency’s calendar to see when your favourites might be featured.

How Much Do Themed Night Breaks Cost?

Themed nights are surprisingly affordable, often starting at around £50+ per person. More exclusive and luxurious hotels charge more. You have the option to upgrade to a bigger room or one with a better view for a fee. You can also choose to add more spa treatments to your package as you wish, or perhaps pay for a round of golf. To save money, book your themed night breaks online through a spa break agency’s website. Such agencies can negotiate lower rates, so you’ll end up paying less than if you booked directly through the hotel’s website.

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