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Safe Spa Treatments For Mums-To-Be

When you’re pregnant, the idea of a spa break can seem like heaven on Earth. After all, expectant mothers need a little TLC more than most. But with all the advice around what can heal or harm your unborn baby, making decisions about what’s best for you can be tough. Here are some tips about the treatments that will pamper you while taking care of your baby.

Keep your cool

Raising your body temperature beyond safe limits may rule out body wraps, hot tubs and Jacuzzis, but a warm bath is still wonderfully relaxing, as is a dip in a hydrotherapy pool. Check with the staff that the water isn’t heated above 32ÂșC if you intend to exercise. Tanning beds are another no-no, so discuss fake tan options if you can’t live without your golden glow.

Or why not skip the heat treatments altogether, and opt for a manicure or pedicure instead? You can check that your spa uses polish that is phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene free if you want to be absolutely safe.

Take it easy

A massage is a wonderful way of easing the aches and pains of pregnancy. Choose a spa that offers a special pregnancy massage fully adapted to your needs. A good massage therapist will also give you ideas for partner massage that you can use throughout the rest of your pregnancy, in order to keep you feeling rested and relaxed. Aromatherapy can be particularly beneficial when you’re pregnant – try choosing citrus and lavender oils, frankincense and rose. However, if your skin feels sensitive, a plain oil massage can be just as beneficial.

You can quite comfortably lie on your front, though some spas will offer massage on bean bags or a specially adapted chair. Later in your pregnancy, lying on your back may cause a drop in blood pressure, so opt for a relaxing head and neck massage instead.

Avoid the ouch!

Skin can become sensitive during pregnancy, ruling out certain facial treatments. Avoid peels and microdermabrasion, also any retinol treatments as they contain vitamin A that may be harmful to your baby. With more and more women over the age of 40 having children, you may also wish to steer clear of botox and filler treatments to be absolutely on the safe side.

However, there are some wonderful alternative treatments to consider that will keep your skin plump and glowing – if it isn’t already! Oxygen, deep cleaning and hydrating facials can all help to keep you looking good. Just ask your therapist to use gentler products and to perform a patch test first.

You may also find that waxing is no longer an option, thanks to that sensitive skin.

Do your research on the best Spa Breaks

Look for a spa that is happy to accommodate pregnant women and offers a range of treatments that are pregnancy safe. Remember, the de-stressing effects of a spa break can be every bit as valuable as the treatments on offer, particularly during pregnancy. Your health is important, so take time to look after yourself.

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