Group Booking Advantages Offered by Spa Break Hotels

Whether you’re throwing a hen night party or simply want to book a spa getaway for your group of friends and family, you can find spa break and hotel packages to suit your requirements. There are many advantages to booking a group holiday, from lower costs to convenience.

How Big Should a Group Be?

For most spa break organisers, a group is made up of at least 6 people. The best organisers can work with any number—whether you’re throwing an intimate party for your closest friends or a big birthday celebration for the entire clan.

Get Discounts

Holidaying as a group usually means paying less per person. Hotel rooms can be shared by 3 or more people, so costs are lower. Most spa hotels also offer discounts to groups, especially early birds and those who come in on weekdays.

More Perks

If your group spa holiday is for a special occasion, let the organiser know. They may be able to arrange special extras. For a hen party, for example, some hotels offer nibbles and sweets that you and your friends can enjoy while watching chick flicks in your room. Are you planning to hit the nearby bars at night? The hotel may provide canapés or even a full dinner before you go off. The bride might even be entitled to a special spa treatment or two. The key is to let the organiser know what your requirements are so they can give you the best bang for your buck.

Travel Arrangements

Before you go, make sure that everyone knows how to get to the spa hotel. Carpooling might be a practical option if the hotel is a short drive away. Better yet, arrange a van or limo service so that you can all ride to your destination together and in style.

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