Golf and Spa Escape in the UK

Are you looking for a short holiday package that both you and your golfer spouse can enjoy? Then you should book a golf and spa escape in the UK. These all-in-one packages cater for everything you might want from your relaxing holiday—delicious cuisine, luxury accommodation, an indulgent spa treatment, and access to a world class golf course. Depending on which spa hotel you choose to stay in, you can be close to the lively nightlife, right on a sandy beach, or in a rural retreat far away from the hustle and bustle.

Best Value

Golf and spa package deals in the UK give you excellent value for your money. They are available year round, too, so you can simply get up and go whenever you please. Weekday rates tend to be less expensive, but it is also possible to find affordable weekend packages especially if you book early. Choose a spa and golf hotel that is near your point of origin to save even more money.

Typical Inclusions

Each spa and golf package varies. You can book a readymade golf and spa break or simply book a spa holiday and add on a round (or two) of golf. As a guest, you can use the hotel’s leisure facilities including the swimming pool, Jacuzzi or sauna, and gym (depending on availability).

Most golf and spa breaks are designed for two people, but some hotels allow one extra person per room, so you can bring a child. They include one spa treatment for one person, plus a round of golf for the other. You can choose either a one-night package or a two-night holiday—or stay even longer, as you please. Whatever your preference, a spa break organiser can help you find and book your next spa and golf break getaway.

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